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KA ORA Bracelets

Every woman has a unique story to tell.

Each bangle reveals a piece of a woman’s identity.

The crafted bangles display various individual traits including:

personality, passions, accomplishments, or positive encouragement.

Bangles can be worn alone or paired together.

Each bangle is crafted one at a time, so no two are perfectly alike –

just like the women who wear KA ORA.

About Us

"Aloha Maine!" is a little, eclectic shop with 'ukuleles, accessories, and a mix of products primarily from Hawaii. For ten years, I lived on O'ahu in Honolulu, Hawaii, where I fell in love with the people who live there. All of the Hawaiian Islands are different, unique, special and unforgettable. The native Hawaiian culture truly resonated with my heart, mind and soul. Their culture is filled with a beautiful language, fascinating customs, music, dance, legends, traditions and values. Living Aloha is a peaceful, loving way of being. "I want to bring that sense of tropical beauty and loving spirit of the Islands here to Maine."

Image by George Bloise